The trust prepare student for the "A" grade certificated examination in nursing conducted by "Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. As per Indian Nursing Council standard & Karnataka State Nursing Council".

  1. To install and develop an aptitude for nursing and to provide the necessary knowledge and skill to give comprehensive nursing care to patients in all types of illness.
  2. To develop skill in recognizing and interpreting intelligently physical, mental, emotional manifestation of illness and be able to plan individual nursing care to patients based on their unique needs.
  3. To develop in the trainees personal intellectual and professional qualities essential to nurse par excellence.
  4. To help the students integrate principles of mental hygiene ethical and moral code involved in practice of nursing.
  5. To develop an appreciation of ethical and moral principles involved in the practice of nursing.
  6. To help the students practice and teach others the principles of healthy living.
  7. To prepare students to be interdependent in their field of work and to become gradually independent and self supporting financially after their training period.
  8. To develop an individual to be sensitive to the rights of others and conscious of his/her duties and responsibilities to his/her own profession & fellowmen and the community.
  9. To help the students to develop extracurricular activities.